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Milan, 3 July 2017. Execution of the sale of Bassilichi SpA. On 03/07/2017 Arno 1 Srl, 100% owned by MPVenture 2 fund, executed the sale of its shareholding in Bassilichi SpA to ICBPI SpA.
The business combination with ICBPI represents a new strategic opportunity for Bassilichi, allowing the company to consolidate its positioning in the payment systems space and to strengthen its offering of monetics services to banks, private enterprises and the Public Administration.
Arno 1 Srl holds a 31,5% stake in Ausilia Srl, a company that controls certain assets, previously part of the Bassilichi Group, that were not included in the ICBPI deal scope.
With the sale of Bassilichi, MPVenture 2 fund successfully completed its fourth divestment.