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Track record

The first closed end fund raised from qualified investors, MPS Venture 1, started its investment period in April 2003. Reimbursement of capital to subscribers was completed after approximately 5 years after the first draw down. The fund made 13 investments with an average holding period of around 4 years. The investments were all concluded with positive returns. The gross IRR was 22% (17% net) with a net cash multiple (capital reimbursed/capital paid in) of 1.6x.

In 2003, the management of the closed end fund Ducato Venture was transferred to MPVenture. The fund was  launched in 1999 by the Montepaschi Group and funded through retail clients. It was listed on the Italian stock exchange. VALUE ITALY completed the investments and divestments, executing the closure of the fund in 2008 with a net cash multiple of 1.47x